Welcome to the 5th edition of
13 MAY
Cracow, Opera House

Outstanding practitioners share their experiences with you, thanks to which you will see your path to success in a new light!

„A leader is a person who knows the road, follows it and shows it to others” – states John C. Maxwell, a world-famous authority in leadership. A leader also knows that sometimes the road should be… changed!

When we organized the first meeting of Leaders Island Insights, despite vast experience in business, we felt a little like the audience members of this initiative – newly-promoted managers at the threshold of their career. We had the predisposition and all the skills necessary to make the enterprise a success, yet we still had to deal with uncertainty.

We succeeded. Once, twice and a third time. As we have crossed the border of “third time lucky” – we have inspired over 300 participants who have taken advantage of the experience of 12 outstanding speakers and made numerous business and social contacts, it is possible to trumpet our success and go further along the same road.

From the peak of the mountain there is only a road… downhill. That’s why we have decided to change the format of LiGHT and begin to conquer a new higher peak! The fourth edition of LiGHT – the first full-day one – will be even more interesting and more intensively filled with valuable content! Among our mentors, there will be people whose fame goes outside the area of leadership. In the fifth edition of LiGHT, we set ourselves a higher bar. This year, LiGHT will focus on motto: innovation, technology, man.

Some things remain unchanged: LiGHT is still a place for the transfer of knowledge, experience and motivation. This not only concerns the direction “from” experienced leaders “to” new managers and entrepreneurs like you, but also “between” you. We believe that the world of business is becoming more creative and oriented towards values when changes are directed by new generations of managers.

It is with great pleasure that I invite you on 13 May 2018 to LiGHT – for the first time in the Opera House in Krakow, which is a place as prestigious as inspiring. This change of location is also symbolic: we are building on a foundation of lasting values, while opening up to everything that is new and inspiring!

See you there!
Józef Kącki
Founder of Leaders Island

The following will share their experiences:

Chia-Jung Tsay (UK)

Chia-Jung Tsay (UK)

HIA-YOUNG TSAY is an Associate Professor in the UCL School of Management. Her research examines the psychological processes that influence decision making and interpersonal perception. Tsay’s work has been featured in media outlets across over 50 countries, including the Atlantic, the BBC, Boston Globe, Business Insider, Economist, Forbes, Harvard Business Review, Nature, NPR, Scientific American, TIME, and Wall Street Journal. She is a frequent invited speaker at universities, companies, and government entities. Tsay graduated Phi Beta Kappa with an A.B. in Psychology and an A.M. in History of Science from Harvard University. Tsay received a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior and Psychology with a secondary Ph.D. field in Music from Harvard University, and has taught at institutions including Oxford, Tsinghua, and Wharton.

Chris Lowney (USA)

Chris Lowney (USA)

CHRIS LOWNEY, a one time Jesuit seminarian, later served as a Managing Director of JP Morgan & Co in Tokyo, Singapore, London, and New York before leaving the firm in 2001. Since then, he has authored six books, including the bestselling  Heroic Leadership, which has been translated into eleven languages and is on the recommended reading list of the Commandant of the US Marine Corps. He has also authored  Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads. His most recent work is Make Today Matter: Ten Habits for a Better Life (and World), which won a 2018 Independent Press Award. Chris currently chairs the board of CHI, one of America’s largest hospital systems, with more than 100 hospitals and US$ 14 Billion in annual revenue.

Jada Smith (USA)

Jada Smith (USA)

JADA SMITH, Aptiv, vice president – advanced engineering & external relations, is responsible for driving Aptiv’s advanced engineering roadmap, in addition to her role in promoting Aptiv’s technology with external stakeholders.  Previously, Mrs. Smith was Global Director – Software EOS and Tools at Aptiv’s Advanced Safety and User Experience division (formerly Electronics & Safety). She began her automotive career in 2004 as a software engineer at Electronics & Safety and following several progressive engineering and managerial roles in infotainment and corporate engineering, was named to her current role. Named one of Automotive News 2017 “Rising Stars”, Mrs. Smith also led Aptiv’s Agile transformation, a journey focused on improving quality and efficiency.

Zbigniew Stańczyk (PL)

Zbigniew Stańczyk (PL)

Zbigniew Stańczyk, an expert of the Hoover Institution (Stanford University). Promoter of ideas connecting economic and humanistic values. He comes from Wrocław and is a sociologist of science. He spent 30 years in Silicon Valley observing its development. A scientific worker with 20 years of experience at the Hoover Institution of Stanford University. Founder of the first private business club in the USA for Polish-American economic cooperation. A fan of culture, organizer of exhibitions and cultural life in California. He had his own radio program in San Francisco. He has been in Poland for 3 years. He works as a film consultant, lecturer and promoter of the latest technology. Privately, an art expert and collector.

Marek Rybiec (PL)

Marek Rybiec (PL)

Marek Rybiec, CEO of iWealth Management, who completed the 4 Deserts ultramarathon series, supports the Executive Volunteering Society. A financial expert who was the head of Skarbiec TFI, gathering PLN 18 billion in capital, and is currently the CEO of iWealth Management. During the last year, he participated in the 4 Deserts series, in other words, ultramarathons through four deserts in the world, each lasting 250 km. In this way, he collected funds for the purchase of medical equipment necessary for treatment in the Pain Relief Clinic of Saint Christopher's Oncological Hospice Foundation in Warsaw, he actively supports the Coalition Volunteering Society.

Czesław Lang (PL)

Czesław Lang (PL)

Czesław Lang, Organizer of a large sports event: Tour de Pologne. Medalist in the Olympics and the world cycling championships. One of the best Polish cyclists, silver medalist in the 1980 Olympics, twice a medalist in the world championships. In 1982, when signing a contract with the Italian GIS Gelati-Campagnolo team, he became the first professional cyclist not only from Poland, but from all of the Warsaw Pact countries. Together with the greatest stars of Italian cycling, he participated in the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France. During his professional career, he won 30 races. After ending his career, in 1993 he became the Director General of the Tour de Pologne. He quickly rebuilt the failing event and took it to new heights. Currently, the Tour de Pologne is part of the UCI World Tour, in other words, the Champions' League of cycling and is the largest cycling race in Central-Eastern Europe.

Karolina Marzantowicz (PL)

Karolina Marzantowicz (PL)

Karolina Marzantowicz, Chief Technology Officer in IBM /Central&East Europe, member of the IBM Academy of Technology. In her professional activities, she combines the worlds of technology, business innovation and psychology. As a leader in the area of technology and innovation, through her actions, she helps companies to adapt in the fast-changing IT environment and increases organizational efficiency. She supports companies in complex digital transformations, building and carrying out high growth strategies, launching new technologies, innovative products and services for international brands.

Amy Steinmann (USA)

Amy Steinmann (USA)

Amy Steinmann , Public Affairs Officer at the U.S. Consulate Krakow, was born and raised in Queens, New York. After completing a BA in Anthropology from the University of Delaware and a Masters in Conflict Resolution from American University, Amy went on to teach English in northern Japan. Upon returning to the U.S., she worked at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC as a local staff member, before joining the Foreign Service in 2006. Amy has served two consular tours in Guyana and Germany, and then worked in Washington as the Public Diplomacy Desk Officer for India. Most recently, she served as an Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer in Moscow, Russia.

Richard Lucas

Richard Lucas

Richard Lucas is a business and social entrepreneur. He supports the existing businesses he has invested in and/or led - which in all have over 500 employees in Europe, the USA and Asia and invests in new companies from time to time. He founded Cambentrepreneurs to support entrepreneurship among the students and alumni of Cambridge University worldwide, and actively supports the pro- enterprise eco-system, mainly in the UK and Poland, with initiatives like Krakow Enterprise Mondays, Open Coffee Krakow, the Project Kazimierz podcast and the richardlucas.com blog. He is active in the TED and TEDx Community, holding the Licence for TEDxKazimierz.

Special guest

Innovation is like new technology, it’s good to know about it and discuss it, but it’s best to touch it or hold it in your hands. The special guest is a car with automated systems of the future. Come to LiGHT.5. See innovations which will change our world. Talk with people who directly create them.

Innovation, Technology, People

3A Better Way of Finding and Keeping-TalentChia-Jung Tsay (UK)9:45
4How to get a yellow leader's T-shirtCzesław Lang (PL)10:30
5Imagine an engineerKarolina Marzantowicz (PL)11:05
7Session Q&A - I Act witch passion and help!Marek Rybiec (PL)12:00
8Session Q&A - IChia-Jung Tsay (UK)12:00
9Session Q&A - IChris Lowney (USA)12:00
10Session Q&A - I Turn into a podcaster with our Mentors "From the Manager Workshop"Krystyna Pietrzykowska , Dawid Ostręga , Błażej Pasiut , WOJCIECH WERESZKO12:00
12Session Q&A - IIChris Lowney (USA)13:45
13Session Q&A - IIJada Smith (USA)13:45
14Session Q&A - IICzesław Lang (PL)13:45
15Session Q&A - IIZbigniew Stańczyk (PL)13:45
16The end of Q&A Sessions/ time for coming back to the main scene14:30
17Opening the second part of conferenceJÓZEF KĄCKI14:35
18The True Heros of the Future of MobilityJada Smith (USA)14:40
19The Dinner for millionsZbigniew Stańczyk (PL) , Amy Steinmann (USA)15:20
20Doing the Laundry, Getting Over Yourself, and Courage: Lessons for 21st Century LeadersChris Lowney (USA)16:00

What will you gain from it?


Don’t miss out on a special chance to obtain knowledge which you will not find in books and boring seminars. Our mentors are practitioners with vast international experience, who will tell you how they climbed to the top. We guarantee that you will leave the meetings with these charismatic leaders full of ideas and the energy to carry them out!


At Leaders Island we focus strongly on concrete. The speakers will not repeat banal stories and tell you that “you are a winner” (although you probably are), but will tell you about the specifics of management based on their own experiences: how to build a team, manage a company and achieve goals etc. The improved format of the fourth edition of LiGHT will allow you to ground and reinforce new knowledge and skills thanks to a range of engaging appearances, Q&A Session and debate.



Sometimes we forget that we are, first of all, people, and only later managers. That’s why we speak during LiGHT not only about the “technical” side of business and management, but also about… life! Thanks to these discussions, you will see the challenges you face in a completely new light, understand them more deeply and discover their creative and effective solutions.


In business it is not only important what you know, but also who you know. During LiGHT you will meet many capable people who share your passion and are willing to share their experiences. Who knows what you can achieve together?



By participating in LiGHT, you will become part of the Leaders Island society. This is a friendly place where you can obtain the opportunity to develop your skills and talents. Thanks to Leaders Island, you will never be alone on your path to the top.

Meeting Partners


LiGHT for Philanthropy

By taking part in the conference, you take part in philanthropic activities - the percentage is always devoted to charity. This year there are:

The Jesuits in Timor-Leste
The Jesuits in Timor-Leste
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Jerzy Foryciarz

A scientist who develops Google products

Light konferencja dla menedżerów

Katarzyna Reinfuss

A personnel director with a personal approach

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